Dr. Adel H. Abdulrahman
Dr. Adel H. Abdulrahman

Management is an art in itself and today’s managers need to focus on how to develop quality, character, mindset, values, principles and courage. The challenges that managers face today take them out of the boxes of hierarchy and move them into a more flexible and fluid management system that foster their energy and spirit. The global, regional, and local competition force managers to listen to customers and staff and learn what they value, recognizing that this is the way to grow and become stronger.

During the past fifteen years, Bahrain Management Society (BMS) has established its solid foundation by listening to its members and has strived to achieve its objectives. We believe BMS has been very successful throughout the years but we are not satisfied as we are committed to do more and doing it better. We are working hard to make our services to our members more value added by ensuring that all members can easily access all aspects of our knowledge, experience and services in areas that interest them.

Our membership base is growing and our strategic priority is to provide more services and become more responsive to the needs of our members. We look to a future where we can do more for our members and for the profession as a whole.

There are many challenges to be faced along the way but we see an exciting future where we will ensure that our society remains the first choice of anyone who wants to improve his or her leadership and management skills as well as to widen their networking base.


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