Dr. Lulwa Al-Mutlaq became the president of the Bahrain Management Society and is considered the second Bahraini woman to head a professional society after Dr. Raeda Al-Alawi became the president of the Bahrain Society of Engineers in 2022.
It is worth noting that Dr. Lulwa chaired the same association from 2005 to 2007.
The Bahrain Management Society was established in 1995 and its board of directors was chaired by a group of administrators and leaders from major Bahraini companies and institutions who contributed to its renaissance and occupying a prominent place in the Kingdom.

The Society’s vision was to be a leading management association in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf that promotes administrative development and leads change towards effective and distinguished leadership practices.
During the past years, the society has become a forum for promoting the best administrative, professional and leadership practices for the development of administrative thought and community service.
The Society has contributed to the establishment of many administrative and leadership programs, international seminars and conferences in the field of global leadership, and has attracted many global practicing leaders to disseminate managerial and leadership knowledge through communication, traditional and digital knowledge, and add value by focusing on productive management.
The association, through its strategic vision, aims to emphasize the general concept of effective management and highlights the professional role of managers to ensure the optimal use of organizational resources and maintain the required balance in the process of administrative development.
In addition, the association seeks to enhance the professional level of administrative and leadership capabilities, which are based on academic qualifications and awareness of the general concept of management and leadership in light of local and global changes and challenges.


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