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Following our last successful conference ILC 2015 “Leadership and Knowledge Management”, the BMS executive committee on 10/11/2015 approved the establishment of the Knowledge Management Community of Practice (KM CoP) as an active part of BMS and to be led by our member Eng. Yousif Amin. Our main goal is to establish BMS as a leader in KM practices, development, and training in Bahrain.

Knowledge Management (KM) is a relatively modern management practice that can benefit professional organizations seeking to safeguard their valuable knowledge assets from being lost or dissolved forever by simply collaborating with key staff inside the organization to share and transfer valuable knowledge or lessons learned from past experiences and then saving them in the organizational repositories. Such activities should help to reduce work repeated errors and improve work efficiencies, save on training and operational costs as well as encourage innovations inside those organizations.  Once the Community of Practice (CoP) which consists of a “group of experts” is formed inside the organization, their role will be to plan and develop KM strategies and activities to meet the BMS strategic objectives.  We at BMS are seeking active members to volunteer and contribute to our KM strategy by joining the KM CoP and then to start immediately to plan for KM inside BMS and then to conduct KM awareness outside BMS for all Bahraini Organizations seeking to adopt KM.

If you see yourself interested in KM and would like to be an active member in this Community, then please contact our Secretary on the following email: with details about yourself or a short CV in order to be contacted on the nearest possible date.

Goals and Objectives

Knowledge management involves a strategic commitment to improving the organization’s effectiveness, as well as to improving its opportunity enhancement. The goal of knowledge management as a process is to improve the organization’s ability to execute its core processes more efficiently.

There are  four broad objectives of knowledge management systems (KMS) in practice, as follows:

  • Create knowledge repository
  • Improve knowledge assets
  • Enhance the knowledge environment
  • Manage knowledge as an asset

The key to knowledge management is capturing intellectual assets for tangible benefits for the organization. As such, the imperatives of knowledge management are to:

  1. Transform knowledge to add value to the processes and operations of the business and leverage knowledge strategic to business to accelerate growth and innovation.
  2. Use knowledge to provide a competitive advantage for the business.


The aim of knowledge management is to continuously improve an organization’s performance through the improvement and sharing of organizational knowledge throughout the organization (i.e., the aim is to ensure the organization has the right knowledge at the right time and place).

Knowledge management is the set of proactive activities to support an organization in creating, assimilating, disseminating, and applying its knowledge. Knowledge management is a continuous process to understand the organization’s knowledge needs, the location of the knowledge, and how to improve the knowledge.

Future Services

BMS’s future plan is to provide KM Consultancy and Training Services for any type of Organization in Bahrain. For further information, please contact BMS.

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