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Mr. kahlid AlHasan

About The Public Relations at BMS

Public relations occupies a great importance in the Bahrain Management Society, as it is assigned a vital role related to highlighting the bright image of the association and the services it provides to the community and members, and thus it constitutes a link of communication and communication and an active interaction tool inside and outside the Society.

The success of the Society depends on highlighting the achievement to the target groups of its audience And those who deal with it by presenting the services provided and development programs, and this task is borne by the Public Relations Committee of the Society.

The Public Relations Committee is looking for the most appropriate ways of successful mutual interaction between the Society and its internal and external community to achieve its goals and spread its culture.


Goals and Objectives

The plan and objectives of the Public Relations Committee of the Bahrain Management Society, as the annual plan begins in November of each year and should include the following elements:-

1. Determine the objectives of the Society , the administration and its Committees, and follow up with the rest of the committees to provide the Public Relations Committee with their goals and plan for the next year, and then work to save them in the committee’s plan document to follow them up and coordinate their implementation.

2. Determine the target media, from websites, newspapers and magazines, digital platforms, and social media channels, and create a list of the media, and contact details with them.

3. Building constructive relationships with media professionals and influential journalists in the social media and communicating with them to disseminate the activities and events of the association, and introduce the external audience to the association and its goals, services and activities.

4. Work to highlight the objectives of the Society by possible means and pay attention to public opinion at the internal and external levels.

5. Preparing backup programs for the Society to continue its continuous activity to serve the community.

6. Ensuring the formation and linking of good relations between the employees of the Society, the administration and its members.

7. Attracting highly skilled and qualified volunteers to the Society.

8. Supervising the official protocol and ceremonies, coordinating the events that are held, and supervising the website and social media accounts.

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