Mrs. Shawqia Humaidan

Team Leader of Committee for the Integration of Women's Needs
رئيس لجنة دمج احتياجات المراة

The basic functions of the Women’s Affairs  activities are as follows:

  • Promoting the general welfare of Women and enhancing their ability to realize their full potential in various fields of human endeavors.
  • Providing an enabling environment that will ensure the maximum and holistic development of the potential of Women toward national development and nation-building.
  • Promoting a multi-sectoral program synergy for the realization and enhancement of the survival, development, protection, and participation rights of Women in Bahrain.
  • Taking steps that support the elimination of all social culture practices that discriminate against or are detrimental to the overall development of Women and girls.
  • Ensuring the integration of Women in national processes and promoting the mainstreaming of gender on all issues of national importance.
  • Supporting the work of relevant non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) working to realize Women’s and Children’s rights.
  • Collection, collation, analysis, storage, and dissemination of data research related to Women’s Affairs.
  • Formulates and updates various policies and implementation of strategies for the development of various categories.


If you see yourself interested in this issue and would like to be an active member of this Community, then please contact our Secretary at the following email: with details about yourself or a short CV in order to be contacted on the nearest possible date.

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