Why BMS?

Bahrain is an important business center, not only for the Gulf, but also for the Middle East.

As such, it is experiencing astonishing development and advancement. everyday we are exposed to new management theories and concepts that lead to innovation and creativity, increase in overall productivity and enhanced quality to meet the need to stay at the leading edge of competitiveness in the new global business environment.

All these challenges for change and innovation call for continuous advancement in the managerial skills. Practically, targeted progress is the aim.



Bahrain Management Society has been officially registered as a non-profit society by a Ministerial Order No. 5 of 1995 by H.E. The minister of Labor and Social Affairs, that appeared in the Official Gazette on 4 July 1995.

The origins of Bahrain Management Society goes back to the founders’ meeting held on 28 February 1994. Credit for the creation of BMS is due to:

H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa
Shaikh Ebrahim bin Khalid Al Khalifa
Dr. SHaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa
Dr. Ebtihaj Ahmed Al A’Ali
Mr. Ebrahim Khalifa Al Dossary
Dr. Safia Dowayger
Dr. Kadim E. Rajab
Mr. Hassan Al Mehri
Mr.Abdul Rahman Al Gaoud
Mr. Abdul Hassan Ebrahim
Mr. Siddiq Al Alawi
Mr. Abdul Hussain Mirza
Mr. Rashid Fakhroo
Mr. Sameer Al Wazzan
Mr. Mohammed Rashid
Mr. Mustafa Al Sayed

Our Mission

Provide a forum for promoting best management practice and professionalism so as to enhance the development of Bahrain’s managers and thus serve the community .

We will do this by :

  • Conducting workshop, seminars and conference the field of management
  • Disseminating knowledge of management through a advanced communication media.
  • Undertaking research in management and producing publications.
  • Adding value to the national economy through productive management .

Our Vision

Provide We aspire to be recognized as the premier management society in the region, fostering cutting-edge management development, and leading change in a changing world.


  • BMS through stressing the overall concept of effective management to highlight the professional role of managers in ensuring the efficient utilization of the organizational resources to maintain the desired balance in the process of cultural development.
  • BMS to positively coordinate and participate with various organizations, and take part in their activities and functions to realize the aim of management development in Bahrain.
  • BMS to strengthen ties of cooperation with related organizations in Bahrain and elsewhere, for the purpose of developing a better management understanding in Bahrain.
  • BMS to enhance the professional standard of the society members, further their academic abilities and maintain their rights.
  • BMS to strengthen the feeling of patriotism and make the members realize their academic capabilities.
Contact US

P.O. Box 3268

FLAT 1 BLDG 669 ROAD 3626
Kingdom of Bahrain


(+973) 17827676

(+973) 17827678

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