Mrs. Fatema AlTahoo

Director of the Conferences & Events Committee

As a Conferences and events Committee Director, my role is to organize events that support the professional management rules or sector. My role is to support all communities to achieve their goals to be on the ground. I am also responsible for the administrative goals that the society aspires to achieve. It will help Bahrain Management Society to market its goals which will attract more people to the society.

  1. To market the successful leadership stories
  2. To discuss what matters in leadership
  3. Prepare the youth for a civilizing and effective leadership world
  4. Share with the community the latest scientific and leadership techniques
  5. Organizing and facilitating leadership and management events and conferences
This community is responsible for organizing and managing conferences and administrative events
If you are interested in this type of activity and would like to be an active member of this community, please contact our office at the e-mail: with short CV details in order to be contacted as soon as possible.

Activities of the Director of Conferences & Events Committee

Upcoming Projects

  1. International Leadership Conference 2024
  2. Discussion session in Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF) titled ‘Flexibility in building an organization’

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