Dr. Lulwa AlMutlaq, President of Bahrain Management Society

The General Assembly of the Bahrain Management Society held its meeting to elect the new Board of Directors for the years 2022-2024 on Sunday, June 26, 2022. The meeting of the General Assembly meeting has presented a number of items that were proposed and approved. These items are:

• Approval of the agenda

• Approval of the minutes of the previous general assembly meeting

• A speech of the President of the society

• Discussion of the Board’s reports

The required quorum was completed, and the previous board members submitted their resignations and give the floor to the Election Committee to handle the process of electing the new President and the new Directors. The election process was smoothly done and approve the nine candidates for the Board and Dr. Lulwa AlMutlaq was chosen as the chairman (President) of the board of directors, Dr. Abdul-Hassan Al-Dairi as the vice-chairman, Engineer Ismail Al-Sarraf as secretary, Engineer Abdul Rahim Fakhroo as the Director of the membership committee, Mr. Hamid Rahma as Director of the social committee, Mr. Ahmed Abdullatif Al-Bahar as Director of the research and studies committee, and Mr. Khaled Al-Hasan as Director The Public Relations Committee and Mrs. Fatima Al-Tahoo as director of the Conferences and Programs Committee. As one of the candidates has withdrawn from the Board who supposed to be the Finance Director, a supplementary meeting of the General Assembly was arranged and held on August 21, 2022, to approve the new candidate, Mr. Mohamed Issa. Upon the approval of the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Mohamed Issa is approved as member of the Board and Director of Finance. On this occasion, Dr. Lulwa AlMutlaq stated that the Society aims to achieve its goals for which it was established and will devote the experiences of its members leaders and managers to the development of management and leadership practices and to arrange and present forums, conferences and seminars that contribute to support the achievement of Bahrain Vision 2030 under Kingdom of Bahrain’s wise leadership and in cooperation with the leading institutions in Bahrain and beyond. It will also work to contributes to advance the management and leadership awareness, qualifying, preparing and developing youth potentials to hold leadership positions and apply the latest management and leadership methods and practices.


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